inkstone is a band from San Jose, CA that creates soundscapes featuring female vocals, piano, harp and strings.  They are currently working on their second album.

The group began as a duo consisting of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Lombardi and vocalist Anna Marg.  After releasing a self-titled album in 2015, Anna had to return to her native country of Poland, at which point the project was suspended.  After working briefly on other music projects, Anthony decided to continue inkstone again. The group now consists of Anthony Lombardi, vocalist Libby Leist, and pianist Alina Alt Lombardi.

Anthony is a San Jose native that began playing and composing music early in life.  In addition to writing, recording and producing music for inkstone, he has composed everything from film scores to piano sonatas to heavily distorted guitar-driven rock.

Libby Leist's (a.k.a LibbyL) vocal qualities have been at the front of multiple music productions over her musical career.   From live shows with rock groups Broadband, Backyard Remedy, and Land of Joe to studio projects with Stelline and inkstone, Libby's emotional and warm delivery drives rock songs, electronic music, and even classical creations.  She formally trained with an opera teacher and that training can be heard even when she sings rock.  

As a classically trained pianist Alina brings a bit of Chopin's romanticism to the band.  Her Bach interpretations are often regarded as "Bach the way Chopin would play him".  In addition to specializing in Bach, she enjoys playing compositions that are innately romantic without being blatantly sentimental.  To her, inkstone music represents exactly that.

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